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Cycleops 400 Pro indoor Trainer
Jul 24th, 2019 at 2:21am
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indoor trainer with Power meter, links to Zwift and other online training apps, Strava, Training Peaks etc. Great condition, pickup Chianti. link and description below. photos on request. Whatsapp 65036401

CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle

The CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle solves myriad challenges to training effectively indoors. Unlike Rollers, which offer a natural ride feel and are more engaging than a rear wheel trainer, but they are difficult to sprint on them. Trainers will allow you to do heavy sprint training or to chock the front wheel higher than the rear and simulate climbing intervals, but they awkwardly immobilize the rear triangle of your lightweight race bike that would otherwise move naturally when you do those heavy, out-of-the-saddle efforts. The CycleOPs 400 Pro allows those intense efforts, it feels road-like, it provides a wealth of data, and it saves your beloved race bike from the rigors of indoor use.

The CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle comes with the CycleOps Joule 2.0 cycling computer as standard equipment along with a PowerTap power meter in the rear flywheel. This is where it differs from the 200 Pro which does not include a PowerTap. You'll get accurate digital feedback to know exactly what your effort is, not just what it feels like. The Joule 2.0 uses ANT+ technology to communicate wirelessly to the PowerTap hub, and if you choose to use the Joule 2.0 on your bike outside, it can also communicate with any other ANT+ powermeter and/or cadence and speed sensors. Riding your bike with the Joule and no Powermeter is fine, and you'll be able to track every detail of your ride, save for the power data.

With the Joule, you can track a variety of information as you ride -- Power in watts and w/kg and see your current, average, and max. Power zone, average power zone, and max power zone. Peak power for 5 sec, 5 min, and 20 min. WKO+ metrics: training stress score, normalized power, and intensity factor. Work measured in kilojoules, kilojoules per hour and calories. Cadence: current, average, and max. Heart rate: current, average, and max. Speed: current, average, and max. Climbing: current grade, current altitude, and total ascent. VAM: vertical ascent, current altitude, and total ascent. Ride: time, distance, and time of day. You can save a good number of rides on the Joule 2.0 CPU before downloading them to your computer, depending on ride time, of course. We've saved up to 20 rides, and it accepts a Micro SD card to expand the storage capacity.

The CycleOps 400 Pro Indoor Cycle doesn't have Controlled Resistance Technology like the 400 Pro, therefore it won't conduct the resistance per a custom or saved ride in the Joule 2.0. Instead, it's up to you to reach down to the resistance knob on the top tube and twist for more or less resistance to tailor your workout. Use the downloadable Power Agent Software, and you'll be able to generate a variety of detailed reports of your workouts to analyze and track your progress or pinpoint weaknesses in your fitness. If there's one reason why we love Cycleops' indoor bikes so much, it's that their 70lb flywheel simulates the momentum you'd develop at speed on the road -- it's the most road-like feel you can get indoors. And, yes, you can freewheel any time you feel like a break.
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